This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Aurora



Report or track a bug

Bugs can be reported on our JIRA or raise an issue on our GitHub repository.

In order to create a new issue on JIRA you’ll need register for an accountr. A GitHub account is requried to raise issues on our repository.

Submit a patch

Please read our contribution guide when submitting a patch. We welcome them!



Developers and users hang out in #aurora on

To request an invite for slack please click here.

All slack communication is publicly archived here.

Mailing lists

Discussion for users of Aurora.
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Important announcements about the project, including releases.
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Project developer discussions. Come here if you want help contributing!
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Feed of project JIRA changes.
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Code commits
Feed of project source control commits.
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Code reviews
Feed of code reviews for patches.
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