This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Aurora

Aurora is a Mesos framework for
long-running services and cron jobs.

What does Aurora do?

Aurora runs applications and services across a shared pool of machines, and is responsible for keeping them running, forever. When machines experience failure, Aurora intelligently reschedules those jobs onto healthy machines.

Key Aurora Features

Rolling Updates with Automatic Rollback

When updating a job, Aurora will detect the health and status of a deployment and automatically rollback if necessary.

Resource Quota and Multi-User Support

Aurora has a quota system to provide guaranteed resources for specific applications, and can support multiple users to deploy services.

Sophisticated DSL

Services are highly-configurable via a DSL which supports templating, allowing you to establish common patterns and avoid redundant configurations.

Service Registration

Aurora announces services to Apache ZooKeeper for discovery by clients like Finagle.