Apache Aurora is a service scheduler that runs on top of Apache Mesos, enabling you to run long-running services that take advantage of Apache Mesos' scalability, fault-tolerance, and resource isolation. Apache Aurora is currently part of the Apache Incubator.

Apache Aurora Features

  • Management of long-running services
  • Cron scheduling
  • Resource quotas: provide guaranteed resources for specific applications
  • Rolling job updates, with automatic rollback
  • Multi-user support
  • Sophisticated DSL: supports templating, allowing you to establish common patterns and avoid redundant configurations
  • Dedicated machines: for things like stateful services that must always run on the same machines
  • Service registration: announce services in Apache ZooKeeper for discovery by clients like Finagle.
  • Scheduling constraints to run on specific machines, or to mitigate impact of issues like machine and rack failure

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